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This is the home where you can discuss American issues openly without fear of censorship.

Our Founding Fathers

In their infinite wisdom our founding fathers wrote the greatest document known in world history.

These men combined their thoughts, beliefs and ideals to create the US Constitution.

In their wisdom they crated a document that specifically states that the government is controlled by the people.

Also, that the people are afforded specific rights protecting them from the government.

Sadly, in recent history certain groups have decided that the government should control the people rather than serve them.

We must never forget the government was created by the people, for the people.

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A Corner Stone of Freedom

The First Amendment is probably one of the most important aspects to our constitution, it sets down the framework of American freedoms.

On WF Morris all Americans are welcome to speak their opinions.

No matter what race, religion or sexual orientation, all are welcome to speak up and be heard.

America is so diverse it has been compared to a melting pot or a stew. Ideals and dreams from many lands all striving for one goal, the freedom that is “the American Dream.”

In this time of discord and fear where many people have been terrorized into silence or bullied into paying lip service to the BLM and Antifa out of fear.

WF Morris is one of the few places for people to have the true freedom to speak their opinions without fear of reprisal.


The topics discussed on W F Morris will be varied, such as current events and news

In this time of turmoil, it seems like the news is always bad.

As I approach retirement.

I find myself thinking back on all the troubled times I have seen our country go through.

The memory that gives me strength is how strong America can be, as a country and a people if we just stand together.

We will get through these troubled times the same way we got through the assignation of Dr King.

Our Fathers, Brothers and Sisters going to service and die in foreign wars.

And the tragedy of 9/11, with out faith in God and our great Republic.

One of the things I have noticed recently is the amount of extremism and domestic terrorism currently taking hold in our country.

I felt like the radical Left was trying to silence my speech.

If they did not agree with me, this more than anything else drove me to create WF Morris.

Here I will be discussing these topics as well as others on this blog.

I would love your feedback, please comment.

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