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I’m so excited to get this blog up and running, I have a lot of subjects that I want to cover. Now keep in mind that I am not a journalist and occasionally I will make writing mistakes. But the one thing I do guarantee I said I will try to always stay accurate, and of course it will always be website links to back up what I am saying.

I plan on taking on a lot of different topics, including what’s going on in Congress the Senate and in the Supreme Court. I also will be keeping up with current news events, and as of late there has been quite a few.
Some of the things that I make sure I do it’s like fine multiple resources for information oh, I tend to cross reference to check the accuracy of all the news.

No just a few things you should know about me, I am not some crazy right-wing radical, nor am I far to the left. I am not aligned with either the Republican or Democratic committees I truly try to be an Independent thinker. Maintaining an open mind it’s important and some of my opinions may surprise you.

I am really hoping for a lot of input from my post, I understand that people will not always agree but I will still post your comments. This is an open conversation blog, so as long as you keep the language PG and you don’t bully anybody you will see your post published.

I guess I’d like to close this out to remind people to sign up to the WF Morris newsletter so you can be informed when a new post is published.

Thank you and have a great day, WF Morris

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