Social Media Showing Massive Acts of Violence in America

Domestic terrorism breaks out across America

Domestic terrorism breaks out across America led by extreme leftist groups

Everywhere you look on social media you will find posts of violent acts being perpetrated against innocent Americans.

American citizens are now being terrorized by groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matters, and the sad part is they’re not even getting arrested.

Radical left-wing domestic terrorists like Antifa are taking over our streets, attacking journalist and bystanders a like.

These Antifa terrorist are low life cowards, hiding behind black hoodies and darken ski goggles. They only have one thing on their mind, and that is to destroy America.

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I believe that the Justice Department should start picking up these Antifa terrorist and arresting them.

Then they should send them all down to Guantanamo Bay Cuba and lock them up without trial.

These Antifa terrorist are trying to take away are Constitutional and civil rights, so I figure they don’t deserve civil rights themselves.

Now let’s talk about Black Lives Matters, they are rapidly turning into a left-wing terrorist group.

Yesterday in Santa Monica California a group of Black Lives Matter supporters we’re attacking motorist in front of a Target store.

They were pulling them from their cars then beating them and stealing their cars and property from them.

Yes, this is terroristic acts of violence, perpetrated by groups of cowards.

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It is important to remember that these acts of violence have nothing to do with the murder of George Floyd.

These terrorists do not care about George Floyd they only care about causing tyranny across our country.

It is now time for the Justice Department and Bill Barr to get a handle on this. The United States is in a downward spiral, and if we don’t stop it, we will lose everything.

The only thing that these terrorists what is to get Donald Trump out of the presidency, and get their left-wing socialist ideas implanted into our government. 

I guess the last thing I want to say is, this idea of getting rid of our Police department’s is totally insane, can you imagine the amount of violence and depth there would be in this country without law enforcement.

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