Who is Responsible for the Death of Minneapolis?

Minneapolis Skyline

The answer is easy, Mayor Jacob Frey and his City Council with help from BLM and Antifa

We have lived in Minneapolis for over six years now and I just love the city and the urban lifestyle.

I moved here from rural Iowa, mainly because I was tired of living in a cornfield.

Don’t take me wrong Iowa is a wonderful place to live.   

It was time to move back to the big city to enjoy the urban lifestyle and all the amenities that come with it.

When I moved to Minneapolis it was a fun and safe city to live in.

With wonderful parks, terrific recreation, great shopping and a tremendous nightlife.

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Minneapolis Third Police Precinct

Now everything has changed, the Leftist City Government has totally destroyed Minneapolis

I have watched businesses close because of overbearing and unfair regulatory controls and taxes.

The defund the Police movement has allowed anarchists and terrorists thugs to burn the city and ruthless criminal gangs to control the streets.

The burning of the business by the BLM and Antifa has devastated so many of the minorities in the neighborhood.

The saddest part is Frey and the City Council have made it impossible for these people to recover from the destruction.

The City has set a new ordinance requiring these businesses to pay 6 months taxes in advance before reconstruction can begin.

After struggling through the Covid 19 lockdown who has 1 months rent let alone 6?

All voted in and supported by the Radical Socialist Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey and his City Council.

In this article, I will take you through the radical changes made by the leftist socialist city government in Minneapolis.

Downtown Minneapolis has taken on the atmosphere of a war zone

Downtown Minneapolis has taken on the atmosphere of a war zone

As I was walking, I realized the time was just passed noon on a Tuesday and the sidewalks are totally empty.

I felt like I was in a Twilight Zone episode or experiencing the aftermath of a nuclear Holocaust.

There was literally no one on the Mall and even the Free Ride bus service was running mostly empty.

Seeing this city brought to the brink like this, I asked myself, will Minneapolis ever recover?

Can they bring the businesses and the people back?

I shake my head sadly thinking, not with the current city government.

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This photo represents "the new normal" in downtown Minneapolis

This photo represents “the new normal” in downtown Minneapolis

I recently was walking down Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.

I found myself photographing “The New Normal”.

As I walked down the street, I was amazed at the rapid change of the mall, I walked for blocks and all I could can see was plywood on the business.

Many of the business that have been an essential part of Minneapolis life for years have gone out of business forever.

Some business stay boarded up just to protect themselves from the “peaceful protesters” who have looted, burned and destroyed most of Minneapolis.

The whole emotional experience of walking down the mall saddens me. The closest thing I can compare it to is watching a beloved friend suffer and die slowly.

Only months before the sidewalks would have been full of tables with patrons and servers enjoying the this beautiful summer day.

And now, instead people eating lunch, laughing and having fun the sidewalks are silent.

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The WCCO (CBS) Channel 4 Studios on the Mall in Minneapolis

The WCCO (CBS) Channel 4 Studios on the Mall in Minneapolis

Even the lying leftist media found themselves having to protect their studios from the anarchists that they seem and to support.

It is the fake news media who coined the term “mostly peaceful protesters”.

But in reality Antifa and Black Lives Matters have destroyed so much property in downtown Minneapolis, that statement is just totally unbelievable.

WCCO won’t say it but they’re running scared too, but they still report their lies because they have to stick with the leftist narrative.

Telling the people of Minneapolis, “you have nothing to fear from BLM or Antifa, only the police are bad because they kill black people.”


The Nicollet Mall IDS Building  entrance, the pride and joy of Minneapolis

The Nicollet Mall IDS Building entrance, the pride and joy of Minneapolis

The IDS building it’s the tallest building in Minneapolis and it is the crown jewel of the city.

Now even this majestic landmark stands boarded up to protect it from the anarchist that would certainly burn it to the ground.

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The Nicolette Mall Target store smashed and looted by BLM terrorist

The Nicolette Mall Target store smashed and looted by BLM terrorist

Nothing is sacred to these anarchists; they will destroy burn and loot any business they can.

Sadly, the downtown Target store is one of the most needed resources for those who are homeless or living in the shelters in Minneapolis.

BLM destroyed the only grocery store in the down town area, leaving many minorities and homeless without that basic resource.

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Mayor Jacob Frey's way of policing downtown Minneapolis

Mayor Jacob Frey’s way of policing downtown Minneapolis

The day I took all these pictures on a beautiful sunny Tuesday afternoon I walked from 15th and Nicollet to 6th and Nicolette.

And the one thing that became totally apparent to me is the lack of police presence during that walk.

The only police presence I saw was this mobile unit and one patrol car with two police officers in it.

Mayor Frey and his Marxist Socialist City Council have destroyed the Minneapolis Police department.

With their defund the police movement they have left the people of Minneapolis helpless and in danger.

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Westminster Presbyterian Church supporting BLM

Westminster Presbyterian Church supporting BLM

This is one of the things that really surprised me, the support that BLM gets from churches and other organizations.

After all of the destruction that the BLM terrorist group has caused it is hard for me to believe they get this kind of support.

BLM and Antifa care nothing about spirituality, God or anything else.

The only thing they care about is burning and looting, terrorizing innocent people, murder and taking power over the government.

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Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) supporting Black Lives Matters

Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) supporting Black Lives Matters

This one really irritates me; Hennepin County Medical Center has no business supporting the BLM terrorists.

My tax dollars support HCMC and I do not want them supporting the BLM or Antifa terrorist in any way.

Do I not have a say in that?

I can’t believe HCMC would support BLM after treating the beaten men and women and seeing lives lost at the hands of BLM and Antifa.

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Nicollet Diner supporting Black Lives Matters, that's a surprise

Nicollet Diner supporting Black Lives Matters, that’s a surprise

The Nicollet Diner which is located on the corner of Nicolette and 15th St, it’s a small LGBT owned and operated restaurant.

The diner caters to the LGBT community as well as the minority community in my neighborhood.

It has always been a nice place to go and get one of the best milkshakes you’ve ever had in your life.

But I was surprised to see the BLM support signs in their windows.

BLM and Antifa are no friend to the LGBT community; they are responsible for so many assaults on LGBT people, they are nothing more than low life gay bashers.

I for one believe the signs are up only for insurance so they don’t get their Windows smashed or their diner burned to the ground by Black Lives Matters and Antifa.

Democratic Socialist Mayor Jacob Frey

Democratic Socialist Mayor Jacob Frey

Mayor Jacob Frey is the most inept Mayor I have ever seen in a city the size of Minneapolis.

Frey literally has no idea what he’s doing, and the city Council totally controls him.

He did not handle the Covid 19 issue well, which hurt many businesses in the city.

Then the other shoe fell with George Floyd’s death.

Then Frey and his City Council did the most unwise and stupidest thing he could have ever done by defending the Police Department.

Frey destroyed their morale and he denigrated their character.

It is his job to back the Blue, not beat them black and blue.

He is also responsible for the loss of hundreds of police officers who were protecting our streets. Some retired early, some just quite; refusing to service a city that refused to support them.

When Frey allowed the anarchist to take lake Street and burn the third Police district building, he showed weakness to BLM and Antifa terrorist.

Frey did not have the skills to handle this kind of situation and he lost control of our City.

He allowed BLM and Antifa terrorist to take control of the streets.

Because of Frey’s inability to govern and protect our City, Minneapolis burned for two weeks.

Many minorities lost their businesses and their livelihoods.

And worst of all, people died, and their blood is on Frey hands.

The destruction of Minneapolis is on Frey shoulders, he is responsible along with his City Council.

When President Trump offered Frey help, he hesitated and so did the Governor Tim Walz which gave more time for the anarchist to destroy more property and lives.

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President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

If President Donald Trump had not brought in the National Guard Minneapolis would still be burning today.

May 29th through the 30th I messaged Donald Trump on Twitter many times pleading and begging for him to take over.

I believe Donald Trump heard my pleads and he stopped the violence in less than a day.

Personally, I thank God he’s our president because that’s what our Republic needs right now, a strong person at the helm.

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