Why is BLM educating our child in public school?

Why is BLM educating my child in public school

The answer is simple, because we as parents have let them.

I’m a conservative grandfather, I have raised three children and I have 10 grandchildren.

Over the last 30 years I have seen American education move so far to the left that I don’t even recognize it.

I have come to the realization that the takeover of American education by the Leftist Marxist groups is in part my fault.

We as conservative parents can no longer afford to put our children’s education on cruise control.

We all must take control of our young children’s education and social media exposure, because the left has taken over.

You may be surprised, but many of the teachers who are educating your children are Leftist Marxist supporters.

For me that is unacceptable, these are not the influences I would want on my child.

Your children should be the most important legacy of your life.

You must protect them and their futures.

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I have spent a great deal of my life studying history

And I have found that any Socialist or Communist takeover of a country start with the brainwashing of our youngest citizens.

Hitler did it, remember the Hitler youth?

Stalin did it

Castro did it and was praised by the left for having such a great educational system.

All of these tyrannical leaders went off the same playbook, first remove God and the guns and then they take over the educational system.

Then they will start removing your rights taking away your speech oh, and telling you how to be a parent, by using fear and threats.

This is a historical fact, they take everything from you and leave you living in a Police state.

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So now you ask, how can I stop this?

The first thing you do is take control of your child’s education.

Do not sit back and let some stranger teach your child their moral views and leftist ideas.

Now I asked you, are you going to all the Parent-Teacher conferences?

And when you go what questions are you asking?

Don’t just ask, how is my child doing in school, ask the teacher about their lesson plans.

Ask them are you teaching my child English, Math, Science and History.

Or are you teaching them your leftist views on society.

Remember most of these teachers have a very leftist moral view, and as a conservative you must not let them contaminate your child mind with the Socialist propaganda.

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Now I ask you as a conservator, do you go to the PTA meetings, do you belong to the PTA?

We need as many conservatives on the PTA as possible. I cannot express to you how important this is.

When you attend these meetings remember, do not remain silent, express your views openly, stop being part of the silent majority.

Let them know that you are not going to allow them to teach your child BLM and Antifa propaganda.

Bring in all your conservative friends with children, use social media like Facebook and Twitter, bring them all in for support.

I know that the Leftist will call you a racist and a Nazi, just remember this is all about your children’s future.

Okay, one more question for you, when was the last time you went to a school board meeting?

This is where the fight for your child’s education and future begins.

You must go to these meetings and express your conservative values to stop the BLM and Antifa terrorist takeover of American education.

I can’t express to you enough on how important it is for all you Patriots, Christians and true Americans that this is a war we can’t lose.

Right now the Leftist’s are winning, we must fight them and put them down hard anyway we can.

And yes, you will be called names, just remember that only you and God know your heart.

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As a parent you need to be in control of your child’s education, not the teacher

This might require you to do some very radical things, like removing your child from a classroom that is teaching Marxist Communist beliefs.

You must always look at your child’s homework, check out the literature that your child has been required to read.

Many teachers don’t what parents to now what they are teaching your child, this is why they don’t let parents sit in the class rooms or in online lessons.

If it is unacceptable to you, you must explain to the teacher that your child will not be taking part in their lesson plan.

Stand strong on these point, remember this is a war and your whole family is at stake.

These actions may cause hardship for you, and yes in some situations it may cause legal issues for you, but remember this is about your child your family and the Republic.

It is also important to listen to your child, and how they speak about social issues

Make sure that husbands and wives or partner, whatever the case may be, stay involved with your children.

The safety and education of your child is a team effort, both parents must be involved if possible.

It is also important to read between the lines of what your children are expressing to you.

You child may not express to you what is really happening in their classes and at school.

I also know this from personal experience that school officials will tell your child not to discuss school issues with you.

Talk to them, eat dinner together, play games together, listen to them and read the Bible together with them.

And one of the most important things to remember is, your child’s smartphone and social media are not necessarily their friends.

Ask conservatives, it is very important for us to always support school choice

We cannot allow the Socialist Teachers Union to dictate our child’s education.

I know as a parent and a grandfather that some of you are working one or two even four jobs, it is still important to spend as much time with your child is possible.

Also remember to keep in mind that charter schools maybe the answer for you, or maybe Christian and Parochial schools.

You are less likely to have the Leftist radical views in those schools.

I know many of you cannot afford that, but it is an option you should keep open.

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This leftist movement started over 30 years ago, it has infiltrated all the way through the American School system, just like a cancer.

It is going to take time to fix and we must begin with our youngest and most impressionable children.

As any parent knows, they are like sponges, they absorb this information and take as gospel as it is taught to them by an authority figure that they think they should be able to trust.

It is now time for American Conservative Patriot Christians to break this chain of Socialism.

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