How Socialist disassembled our Republic

The Socialist American Democratic Party

The Socialist American Democratic Party has a plan for all Americans, and it does not include Freedom.

Over the last few months since Joe Biden has been elected president.

I have been amazed of how well the Socialist Democratic Party has set their plan in motion.

They are removing all freedoms from the American people.

If the truth be known the Socialist started this plan long before the 2020 election cycle.

They knew they had to have a crisis so they imported one.

I have no documented proof of what I’m going to write about.

But as you know the Socialist don’t care about having proof arguing their points either.

I believe that the Chinese Communist Party, (CCP) got together with the American Democratic Socialist Party.

They release the Coronavirus on the world causing the greatest global political turmoil in America.

As well as the rest of the world has ever seen.

This one act killed hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, and it destroyed the American Economy.

The American Socialist new they had to find a way to control the American people and the China virus was perfect weapon for that.

So, the American Socialist Democratic Party and the CCP worked together to get the virus on American soil.

Once they achieved that they started a disinformation program using the World Health Origination, (WHO) causing confusion about the virus and allowing it to spread across our nation.

The Socialist Democratic Party used Dr Fauci and the CDC to spread more disinformation and lies to cause more confusion and allowing the virus to spread even more.

At this point the Socialist called for a total lockdown of the United States, causing businesses to go under, schools to close and Americans to suffer.

The Socialist publicly called out to the American people “you must lock down and let us take over control of America to keep you safe”.

Now we know these were all lies; the pandemic was brought to our shores to destroy our Republic.

Then the Socialist Democrats got a special gift, the death of George Floyd

They totally played this one causing more death and the destruction of Minneapolis and other American cities.

The Socialist lucked out that George Floyd died in Minneapolis.

Simply because it is a Socialist ran city and they could control the whole narrative.

As the fires burned in Minneapolis the Socialist claimed that these were “Peaceful Protesters”.

And they had a right to be on the streets, even during a pandemic.

Causing massive spread of the virus across the nation and more death to American people.

In the Minneapolis city council’s great wisdom, they decided to defund the Minneapolis city police.

This caused crime to explode, leaving our city and its people at the mercy of gangs and thugs.

You can’t drive downtown with fear of having your car jacked in the middle of the day.

Moving forward from there it was decided that it was unsafe to vote.

Even though the mechanisms to vote from home were already in place and have been for years.

The Socialist Democrats decided to change the playbook.

So, they quickly and without permission of the State legislatures started sending out unsolicited ballots through the mail.

From coast to coast these ballots showed up in people’s mailboxes, they also showed up in garbage cans on the street and everywhere else.

It was an open invitation to corruption.

Sadly, it just put a dark cloud over the legitimacy of an American election, and destroyed our Democratic process.

The Socialist won the election and now we have a Biden Harris administration destroying American freedoms.

One piece at a time.

All of these events that happened were in the Socialist Democratic Party playbook.

They have been working this out since 2016. The worst part about it is conservative Americans let it happen.

Now soon Harris will be president and Joe Biden will be pushed out.

Then the Socialist will have taken total control over America.

They’ll be no more voting, there’ll be no more freedoms and the Constitution will be dissolved.

The Socialist will have committed the largest coup to ever happen in the world.

To all you Americans; get ready to strike the banner, say goodbye to free speech and get ready to give up your guns.

It only took 4 years for the Socialist Democratic Party to destroy the greatest country in the world.


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